Wie Du Deine Sommerbräune in den Winter rettest.

How to save your summer tan in the winter.

Who does not know that? Just back from vacation, the first day with colleagues or friends and you can already hear it from all sides: “Wow, you look relaxed! You look good! You got a nice summer tan! But the holiday did you good!”

And we see it for ourselves in the mirror too! When the skin is tanned, it somehow looks more even, it feels like no more make-up is necessary, redness is hardly visible, pimples disappear, even dark circles under the eyes are much less noticeable on a tanned face. You just kind of look better and that feels damn good!

But as soon as you are a few days back, the tan begins to disappear. Parallel to the holiday memories - which very quickly become paler and paler in the face of everyday life, into which one was cruelly catapulted back.

Summer is over, there's nothing you can do except plan your next holiday straight away and let the anticipation carry you through the gray months.

But as far as the summer tan is concerned, something can be done. With the following tips, which should be heeded before, during and after the holiday, you will be able to keep the healthy color and hopefully the holiday feeling that it brings with it for much longer.

Before the vacation:

Even if you're already back - after the holiday is before the holiday! Just take the tips with you for next year!

  • accustoms the skin to the sun step by step even before the holiday. Regular, short stays in the sun optimally prepare the skin. But always remember, UV protection is absolutely essential! It may take longer to tan, but it also lasts longer! And as pretty as the tan is - healthy skin always comes first! Apart from that, please do everything you can to prevent wrinkles! Tanned corium isn't really attractive either, is it?
  • gentle peeling - removes skin cells and thus ensures that the skin can tan evenly. Our Ovall ultrasonic facial cleanser is ideal for this.
  • the right diet - lots of fruit and vegetables (not only helpful for a good complexion, but also recommended for a beach figure) provide the skin with important antioxidants and stimulate melanin production. All foods containing carotene, such as carrots, mangoes, red peppers, apricots, spinach and papaya, are particularly recommended. Zinc is also helpful, found in shrimp, peanuts, and oatmeal.
  • If you have skin that is prone to sun allergies, it is advisable to take calcium daily 2 weeks before your holiday
  • Drink drink drink!!!! Before, during and after vacation. Beautiful skin needs moisture!
  • No solarium. Many people think that a few visits to the solarium before going on holiday will prepare the skin. This is not true. The artificially generated UV rays are demonstrably not healthy!

On holiday

  • Drink Drink Drink!
  • a good moisturizer. The skin must be well moisturized in order to be able to keep the tan for a long time. So cream what the stuff holds. The renewal process of the upper skin layers, in which the pigment melanin is located, is slowed down by the supply of moisture. Exactly this pigment is responsible for the tan of the skin! If the renewal process slows down, the tan stays longer! Creams with aloe vera, vitamin E and glycerin are particularly recommended. (often also contained in after-sun products) If you prefer it natural (and can stand the smell) you can also apply a quark mask.
  • Sun protection factor - absolutely! It's a misconception that SPF doesn't get you a tan. It takes longer, true, but you also have a healthy and deep tan longer. Reminder: Tan YES! - Dermis NO!. Skin cancer - NO!

After the holiday

  • avoid long, hot showers. This dries out the skin too much, leading to a rapid loss of pigment. Long bubble baths should also be avoided. After showering, apply a rich moisturizer or use oil-based products.
  • not peeling. In the time after the holiday you should avoid peelings. You use it to remove the tanned layers of skin and stimulate the skin's renewal process, which should be avoided.
  • Adjust face care. In summer people like to wear light creams or fluids. They are simply more comfortable and tolerable at these temperatures. With autumn, however, comes the cold air or the heating air, which dries out the skin severely. To counteract this, you should switch to a richer care product in the cold season. (you don't go out on the street in flip-flops and a t-shirt any more)

At some point, of course, despite the best care and nutrition, the tan finally faded. At the latest by Advent we are as white as the snow that we all wanted for Christmas. Doesn't help, but cheating is allowed, thank God! There are good self-tanners that you can use to bridge the transition phase until your next vacation. Before applying such a peeling is then allowed again and also desired. With a gentle peeling beforehand, the tan will be spotless and even if applied carefully.

The regular (preferably daily!) consumption of vegetable juice, especially carrot juice, creates a very beautiful complexion in a completely natural way and you can also get through the cold months healthier!

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