Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ovall facial cleanser's ultrasonic technology work?

The Ovall facial cleanser emits up to 8,500 pulses per minute. These quick and pleasant pulses effectively remove dead skin cells and impurities while massaging your skin's surface. This stimulates the microcirculation of your skin tissue, which leads to a long-term visible glow effect and a better complexion.

Why is Ovall better than a traditional brush?

Bacteria and dirt build up in your hands throughout the day. By unconsciously touching your face, you transfer them to your face. This creates the ideal breeding ground for pimples or unsightly impurities. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology and the silicone nubs, you can remove over 96% of these impurities.👍

The short silicone nubs enable the device to be cleaned without leaving any residue. In this way, unlike with a brush, the bacteria are completely washed away and have no opportunity to multiply.

How often should I use Ovall?

Most of our community uses Ovall twice a day. Ovall is therefore an integral part of the morning and evening routine for the face.

If you have particularly sensitive skin, you should gradually approach it and use Ovall every other day to slowly increase it. The five different intensity levels will also help you to find the perfect balance.

How do I properly clean Ovall?

After use, you simply clean Ovall under clear, warm water.🚰

You can put Ovall in your case to dry. Please make sure that Ovall is completely dry before plugging the charging cable into the case. In this way you avoid a defect in the charging contacts.

How do I load Ovall?

That's simple. Simply place Ovall in the charging station and connect it to the charging cable and a mains plug. Oh yes, one charge lasts up to 60 days. Hopefully you won't forget where you put the charging cable in the meantime. 🤪

Is the device waterproof?

Oh yes, we love using Ovall in the shower in the morning, for example. This is very pleasant and saves us valuable time in the morning. 🚿

Gel, oil or foam, what is the best to use Ovall with?

It is important to use care products that you tolerate well.

We prefer to use Ovall with gel, as this can usually be used more universally and regardless of skin type. In addition, Ovall glides noticeably softer over gel.

Foam is mostly used for oily and pimple-prone skin. The foam is easy to apply, but make sure you use enough foam. In this way you ensure that the silicone knobs can glide gently over your skin.

Oil is often used for dry skin and protects against drying out. It also performs best in removing waterproof make-up . Our Ovall is also ideal for this. However, pay particular attention to cleaning the device without leaving any residue.

Which side should I use to clean the face and which side to massage?

The front with the finer knobs is best for cleaning. The larger nubs on the back can be used for a comfortable massage.

What do I get with the delivery?

You get the Ovall ultrasonic facial brush, the stylish charging station and a charging cable. The enclosed instructions for use provide you with step-by-step instructions.

What about the guarantee?

We designed Ovall to accompany you for several years. That's why we back Ovall with a lifetime guarantee. You will NEVER have to buy a replacement device.

Do you have any more questions? No problem, just send us an email to hello@ovallskincare.de