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Ovall™ 2 Bundle Green

Ovall™ 2 Bundle Green

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Tiefenreinigung des Gesichts in 1 Minute

Tiefenreine Haut

Weniger Poren

Glattere Haut


    Wet your face and apply your cleanser. Then wet the Ovall™ 2 and press the power button.

  • 2. CLEAN

    Glide the device over your face in circular motions for 1-3 minutes. After 3 minutes the Ovall™ 2 will automatically turn off. Rinse your face and pat dry.


    First apply your day cream to your clean and dry skin and then use the back of the device to give your skin a gentle, firming massage.

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Ovall™ Aloe Face Cleansing Gel - ovallskincare

Fügen Sie Ihr Aloe-Gesichtsreinigungsgel hinzu

Porentief reinigen


Ohne öle

Feel the magic of skin care!

Ovall Skincare cleanses your face thoroughly with gentle silicone bristles, removing makeup residue and dead skin cells to leave your skin fresh and clean. The gentle vibrations promote blood circulation and leave your skin looking firm, soft and radiant. Ready for that glowing skin! ✨


Why should I use ovall?

With Ovall you can remove 99.5% of impurities from your face before they even become a problem. Thanks to the unique combination of our sonic technology and the fine silicone nubs, large pores, blackheads, pimples and impurities are a thing of the past.

How does Sonic technology work?

During the cleaning process, Ovall emits up to 8,500 pulses per minute. These pulses penetrate deep into the pores, effectively removing makeup residue and dead cells. The vibration of the gentle silicone nubs also improves the microcirculation of your skin. This leads to a natural and long-lasting glow that will draw everyone's attention to you.

How often should I use ovall?

It is best to make Ovall part of your morning and evening routine. With the 5 different intensity levels, you can slowly approach your individual, perfect oval balance.

How do I clean the ovall properly?

Ovall is very easy to clean with clear, lukewarm water. To dry you simply use a towel or simply place it in its station. It is only important that it is completely dry before you plug in the charging cable.

How do I charge the ovall?

Place the device in the charging station and connect it to the charging cable and a mains plug - done! A charge lasts up to 60 days, so remember where you put the charging cable so you can find it again after such a long time.

Gel, oil or foam - what is the best way to use ovall?

It is best to use your familiar care products that you know you can tolerate. In principle, our Ovall knows no limits, regardless of whether it is a washing gel, foam or oil. Just make sure to clean the device thoroughly under warm, clear water afterwards.

Which side is used to cleanse and massage the face?

Use the front with the finer nubs for cleaning and the back with the larger nubs for a pleasant massage.

What about the guarantee?

Your device comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

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